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Political Rants with Crazy Carl: Power & Money vs. Death & Destruction)

All this doomsday talk about Iran’s supposed plans to build and use a nuclear weapon against Israel or the U.S. is completely overblown. North Korea has had nukes for years, and some would argue those in charge there are more unstable than the guys calling the shots in Iran. North Korea is simply using their nuclear arsenal as a scare tactic to keep the rest of the world at bay. The last thing they want is for the United Nations or NATO to do anything about all the human rights violations that occur there daily, and that’s exactly why Iran wants a nuclear bomb. They don’t want to get pushed around like Iraq and Afghanistan did in the last decade all in the name of good ole democracy. Plus, the Iranians hate the Israelis, and nothing accompanies trash talk better than the threat of nuclear annihilation.

But let’s be frank, the only people who should truly be scared of Iran and North Korea are the citizens of those countries. And I use the term “citizen” lightly because that implies that these people actually have rights. “Victim” is a better word. They’ve been oppressed, lied to, beaten, and murdered for years by the people at the top. But to be completely honest, that happens in every country, just at a much lesser extent than what is occurring in Iran and North Korea. And it’s really very simple as to why they so blatantly oppress their people – greed.

Greed regularly trumps morality. Just ask any religious leader who has been indicted for embezzling money from his respective church or followers. Or ask a CEO of one of the many corporations who have been exposed for dumping waste (sometimes toxic) in lakes, rivers, or anywhere else that it doesn’t belong just to save a buck. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Greed has a tendency to trump essentially anything else.

The leaders in Iran and North Korea, along with those who carry out and benefit from their dirty work, have gotten very rich at the expense of their own people. After all, oppression has been a tried & true formula for success throughout history. It built the pyramids in Egypt, it fueled the American cotton industry in the 1800s, and it has allowed (and continues to allow) Iran and North Korea to control and prey on millions of their citizens, I mean victims.

Another thing history has taught is that one day these crooked regimes, like all others before, will eventually fall. However, they’ve got a good thing going in the meantime. Why would they want to screw that up by nuking another country? They would surely be nuked in return. We might like to view the leaders of these countries as crazy, but that’s subjective. And even if there are hints of craziness, these guys are far more intelligent and rational than crazy. Truly crazy people are not capable of successfully running vast and intricate operations like those in Iran and North Korea. For instance, one of the most famous crazy people to attempt running an organization was Charles Manson, and I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t fare very well. Sure, he managed to have some people killed, so he’s at least in the same ball park as the guys running Iran and North Korea. But other than that, he really didn’t achieve anything other than scaring the hell out of Hollywood for a little while. That’s not much of a successful track record if you ask me.

Those who are running the show in Iran and North Korea may not appear to be stable, but that’s all part of being a shrewd dictator. You don’t want others thinking that you can be reasoned with. Definitely not the people you are brutally oppressing, or other countries who may want to put an end to your reign of terror. And for the record, neither Iran nor North Korea’s governments claim to be dictatorships, but let’s call a spade a spade. Absolute power rests with those at the top, and given the amount of human rights violations that commonly occur in both of those countries, dictatorship is the only accurate description of those governments.

So where does that leave us? Basically, there are some very shrewd, malicious, and predatory people at the helm of Iran and North Korea, but they’re not crazy. They know exactly what they’re doing, and they’ve done it well for decades. They’ve grown very rich off of their exploits, and the last thing they would ever want to do is something that would guarantee that they will lose all the money and power they have accumulated. Without question, a surefire way for them to lose everything would be to nuke another country because then they would be nuked themselves. And it’s really hard to enjoy all of your blood money when you’re engulfed in a searing hot mushroom cloud of radioactivity. However, it’s plenty easy to enjoy your blood money when you can make nuclear threats to outsiders who may try to get in your way.

Which leaves us with a very twisted dichotomy. Greed is the driving force behind all of the atrocities being done by those in power in Iran and North Korea, and furthermore the reason why they need nuclear weapons so as to deter any nations from interfering. However, enjoying the spoils of their greed is also what will keep these corrupt tyrants from ever using their nukes. As much as they want to, and as much as they threaten to, they’ll never do it unless they’re strongly provoked. We might think they’re crazy, but they’re not. They’re just greedy.

Now, with all that said, there is one major wild card yet to be discussed, and it’s about as wild as they get. If a terrorist group ever got their hands on a nuclear weapon, the world would undoubtedly be in trouble. These people cannot be reasoned with, and their extreme religious beliefs eclipse any feelings of greed. Furthermore, they clearly have no conscience or concern for their safety or the safety of others. This being the case, we should expect regimes like Iran or North Korea to know better than to supply nuclear materials to a terrorist group. Doing so would greatly destabilize the world, which would ultimately do them no good because it could very easily lead to the destruction of their own countries, and thus the loss of their riches and power. However, it is possible that a terrorist group could find a sympathizer to their cause within a corrupt regime like Iran or North Korea. And if that sympathizer has access to his country’s nuclear arsenal, who knows what that could lead to.

This is why the international community needs to put aside any and all nationalistic agendas, and form a genuine partnership towards containing the threat of nuclear holocaust. Sure, we have the International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect nations, but they don’t really have any teeth. Iran and North Korea have shunned and mislead them for years while Russia and China looks the other way. We all need to truly recognize that just one nuclear bomb in the wrong hands could lead to a vicious downward spiral for mankind. Obviously, there are countless complexities, differences, and animosity between many nations on this planet, but in the face of possible worldly disaster, we must put all this aside. Fear mongering, blind nationalism, and hateful rhetoric fuels fires, it doesn’t put them out.

The shortsighted agendas of any nation (China, Russia, the U.S., North Korea, Iran, etc.) hold no relevance if that nation and others become a radioactive wasteland. And really, what is the ultimate goal of these shortsighted agendas but for that nation to become more wealthy and powerful? Sounds greedy to me. Looks like we’ve come full circle.

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