Lust Talk: Sex, Some Good, Mostly Bad, And Definitely Too Much of the Ugly (Unfortunately)

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Lust Talk: Sex, Some Good, Mostly Bad, And Definitely Too Much of the Ugly (Unfortunately)

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ex can be described as enticing, daring, forbidden, dirty, or just plain ol’ vanilla.  Obviously you never want to fall under the latter category of vanilla. Imagine going into a Cold Stone and seeing the multiple combinations, and getting excited for all the wonderful possibilities, and then you’re stuck with vanilla. I mean, who actually gets excited for a double scoop of vanilla??? But I digress, couples, lovers, one-night stands, all spice it up a bit and venture into the forbidden, bringing sex back to its original sinful delightfulness.  There’s something sexy about pretending to be someone else while having sex.

The most basic of role playing includes the timeless French maid, or the LA translation of it, Latina babysitters/nanny from the Beverly Hills area.  Another Los Angeles classic, yard-worker and sex-deprived MILF, or an insubordinate and master foreplay and you’re set. There’s an obsession for cleanliness and really screwing the help.  But other couples take it further, such as sci-fi fantasy geeks do Princess Leia and a Wookie, or anything from Game of Thrones and swords, for some reason swords always have to be involved.  Moreover, for the power obsessed, there’s always the very ‘80s boss and employee affair (the more you do around the office, the more you can advance) which seems to always fail and end in awkward memos via email.

Fantasy play, nowadays, consists of everything imaginable from being raped (or gang banged) to wearing animal costumes and acting as a predatory animal (tip: just because you see it on the National Geographic channel doesn’t mean it’s safe for home), to using the erotic book version of D&D (can you tell I’ve dated a lot of RPG nerds?).  Personally, I have always preferred the professor-student relationship, I mean after all I really did work hard for that A+, that professor wouldn’t cum! It’s fun, it’s light, it’s cliché, and a bit taboo. I love dressing up as a school girl, thigh high socks, plaid skirts, tight sweaters (whoops getting carried away), and getting spanked by your professor for missing your extension for a term paper, is always a treat. And other times role playing needs a little more of an illegal boost (no I’m not suggesting drug use at this particular moment), playing into the most prohibited  taboo out of all taboos– incest.  There are books written about it, in all cultures, condemning this act, yet if you Google search incest porn, in less than .26 seconds about 10,200,000 results magically appear. There’s video, photography, hentai, and a lot of flowery written erotica on various forms of incest. Many people are secretly (or not so secretly) craving that form of taboo.  Call it daddy issues or mommy problems, hell even grandma perversions, but it’s out there and people love it.  Family– we hate them, we love them, and we only try to see them once or twice a year during a national holiday (and even then, we try to avert it).  As dysfunctional as they may be (and often mimicking our future relationships), that is the one thing that we have in common, we all belong to some sort of family.

Role-playing can be fun, powerful, and expressive. Don’t be afraid, just be imaginative. So next time your lover surprises you dressed up in a white lab coat, vinyl gloves, and a butcher knife… well let’s hope it’s just adding a little spice to your sex LIFE.

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