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LEG's Ad Campaign For 2012 Olympics

So as most of you know the 2012 Olympics will be held in London, England. Since the decision was made for the location, there has been a fair amount of criticism (mainly from the French) as to why this Athletic showcase was being held there. Long story short the Olympics have hired the advertising agency, Leg to create some designs. They came up with these and I personally think they are brilliant. Instead of pissing and moaning about the French’s criticism, Leg incorporated it into their ads. Leg produced these Greek style statues depicting athletes such as, an overweight Brit playing darts. Leg has always been at the forefront of comic relief in advertising. I think this might be there most brilliant to date.

Fun Fact: Although France pokes fun at the UK’s lack of athletic contribution, at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 the UK won 47 medals (including 19 golds) to France’s 41 (just 7 golds)?


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