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"Baseball's Law of Threes" by Baseball Nate

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OK, team… Bring it in, take a knee, and listen up. This is the Patriotism issue, and nothing is more patriotic than baseball.  Nothing! So here are some interesting facts about our nation’s pastime, brought to you by our resident baseball genius, Coach Fish, that maybe, just maybe, you didn’t already know, you knuckleheads…  Everything in baseball occurs in multiples of the number 3!

3 strikes and you’re out

3 outs and switch sides

9 players in a lineup

9 innings in a game

90 foot bases

Foul poles are 90 feet high

Average major league fastball is 90 mph

60 foot 6 inch pitching rubber

A baseball is 9 inches in diameter

Average distance to the left and right field fences 330 feet

54 outs in a game (18×3)

162 games in the regular season (54×3)

30 major league teams

3 divisions in each league

3 rounds of playoffs

1 Champ

Now get your head out of your ass and go play some good hard-nosed baseball the way your forefathers intended the game to be played.

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