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Home of the Brave: Honus Honus of Man Man

Honus Honus is the frontman of the Philadelphia based band Man Man. We sat down with Honus and discussed his views on America through these seven questions for a series entitled, “Home of the Brave.”

Leveled Magazine: What does being an American mean to you?
Honus Honus: I don’t feel like I could do what I do if I wasn’t American.

LM: Define the American dream.
HH: The fact that you can have an American Pie movie made ten years after the first one and people will still go see it.

LM: What’s one thing about life in this country that has had a significant effect on you, or has shaped you as an individual?

HH: I feel like if I lived in a country that had fewer preservatives I’d probably weigh about ten pounds less.

LM: Would you say that we live in the greatest country in the world?
HH: Sure. I’m afraid if I say something otherwise the SWAT team will show up.

LM: What would America’s grave say on it?
HH: Was just a bed.

LM: What will life in this country be like in a hundred years?
HH: The thing about America is that it’s so big that even when the country decides to swallow the shotgun shell the body is going to keep living forever. It’s going to be real weird in a hundred years in the middle of this country. Swamp people but on a greater scale. What’s going to be left? It’s going to be overpopulated with religious nuts and probably people that aren’t that bright. It’ll be a real epic battle. It’ll be a Walmart.

LM: What song comes to mind when you think of American music?
HH: Something Bob Seger related. Bob Seger but also the smell of hot dogs cooking on an engine block… while my twenty kids are in the back of the truck.

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