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Louis Vuitton: Pre Fall/Winter 2012

Louis Vuitton offers up a tasteful, luxury collection of pre-Fall/Winter 2012 pieces just in time for the dropping temperatures of the up-coming months.

Although the company has taken it’s turn attempting to reinvent itself within a constantly changing market, each turn they take clearly presents pieces of clothing that can only be recognized as Louis Vuitton. A lot of this is obviously thanks to Marc Jacobs for effectively interpreting the brand when he took seat as Louis Vuitton creative director in 1997.

As of recent designer Julie de Libran, who works extremely close with Jacobs has been given the task of creating the resort and pre-Fall/Winter 2012 collections. You do see strong remnants of classic Louis Vuitton, but more so you see de Libran’s take on design and it’s refreshing. Simple never fails when it comes to fashion and in this collection we take notice that clean design with attention to detail is a failsafe.

Inspiration for the collection was drawn from the twentieth-century architect and designer Charlotte Perriand, whose idea of modernist functionality was contrasted by the stark sensuality of the materials used. It’s good to know that with the flamboyance of luxury fashion this year, we can still except the classic’s from well… a classic.


The Gallery below presents the Louis Vuitton pre-Fall/Winter 2012 Mens and Womens Collection

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