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Sound Shapes: Beck and Deadmau5

This August PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita will introduce us to a new music-based video game entitled Sound Shapes. Presented by the brilliant minds of Queasy Games in Toronto, Canada, the game was originally showcased to the world at the industry conference E3 in 2011. Upon it’s showing, Sound Shapes received nominations for best of show award from the media sites IGN, 1UP, and Electric Playground.

There’s been some buzz around Sound Shapes for quite sometime now and not just from the world of gamers. We here at Leveled are more excited about the soundtrack then the actual game itself! At the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards, it was announced that Deadmau5 would be constucting songs and sound designs to the project.  This sparked major interest in the music world legitimizing Sound Shapes as a, “musician endorsed” game.

The mouse headed super dj isn’t the only musician that’s been cutting tracks behind this game. Beck has also contributed three new original songs, “Cities,” “Touch the People” and “Spiral Staircase.” The creative force at Pyramid Attack discusses the game’s design and how they brought Beck’s lyrics to life in the latest trailer for Sound Shapes.

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