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Supreme Cuts' Whispers in the Dark

I’ve been quietly waiting for this record to come out for a few months now.  Ever since being introduced to the couple of tracks circulating on the internet, Supreme Cuts have made quite an impression with their unique approach to the footwork style of Chicago, and are definitely the guys to keep on your radar right now.  After listening to their new LP “Whispers in the Dark”, I’m especially inclined to talk about how pitch perfect these guys are.  From the clicking of ratchet fire drum work to the icicle-dripped reverb drenched samples, this is exactly what soaking in vodka feels like.  Anyone familiar with Chicago’s footwork scene, can clearly hear the amazing departure from the blistering BPMs of the genre, and into something uniquely their own.  While still maintaining a level of tripped out luminosity, “Whispers in the Dark” is equal parts mediation and and experimentation in beat, rhythm, and the slowed and throwed styles of the south.

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