Albam Clothing Autumn/Winter 2012

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Albam Clothing Autumn/Winter 2012

The current heat wave in Los Angeles feels like a truck dumping mountains of heat over everything, but the guys at Albam wouldn’t know anything about this as they are based in the UK.  However, please keep in mind that it will be cold again, this is certain.  In the mean time, stay inside in your air conditioned homes and check out Albam’s Winter/Autumn 2012 collection.

Albam’s “Honest, Confident, Technical, and Pure” style create a look that quietly salutes the young man slipping by unnoticed and onto more pressing matters at hand.  Albam’s newest line sports everything from simple yet detailed pieces tightly set and other times hidden amongst the cleverly cut articles without distraction or blatant need for attention.  Albam manages to create a style for the under the radar eccentric.


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