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An Introduction To The Music of Thomas James Lemieux

We all have tons of friends who play music, sing, dj, and do their damnest to pour their heart and soul into everything they do.  We attend their shows because we have a connection with them and sincerely want them to be the best in pursuing their passion.  However, there are those rare moments, when your friend’s music becomes something more,  something that transcends friendship and becomes a new favorite altogether.  Like an amazing artist that’s stumbled upon scouring the music blogs, I feel truly honored to share the music of my friend and ally in the fight for honest and truthful music.  His name is Thomas James Lemieux, a.k.a. Fearless Leader, a.k.a. Crooked Paw.

This 26-year old soul has played in more bands than I can count, and has a sincerity for music that seems to be lost in the noise of today’s generation. His music is deeply rooted in the soul and rhythms of yesteryear, far away lands and static radio frequencies.  Feel free to listen, download and buy many of his wonderful collections of albums and EPs here:

Below is the new track called Silver Queen from his forthcoming album of the same name to be released in the near future.

P.S. do not stare directly at his balls. May cause dizziness.

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