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Martin Starr: Breaking Character

What is the meaning of life? A long time unanswered question. Is it really unanswered, or has there simply been a huge lack of balls when it comes down to it? Nobody with enough sheer mass of testicles has attempted to answer it. Until now! You’re welcome in advance. I’ll be honest; this isn’t even the most difficult question I’ve answered today. Well, what’s the fucking answer then, right? Martin, tell me already! Is that what you’re thinking? It shouldn’t be. Unnecessary stress like that causes aneurysms, ulcers and other health problems. Don’t be stupid. Calm down. You’ll live longer. Anyway, what was I talking about?

– Martin Starr

Leveled: Where are you from?

Martin Starr: Santa Monica, California.

Who’s your favorite rapper?

What T.V. show best describes your childhood?
Malcolm & Eddie.

What’s something that nobody knows about you?
I wet the bed once as an adult. Hot, right?

What’s the biggest misconception about show business?

How would you describe love to someone?
It’s how you (and I) came to be.

What does fashion mean to you?
Wow, that looks really good… on those attractive people.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What makes a great actor?
I’ll tell you later.

What would you exclude from your E! True Hollywood Story?
That time I wet the bed (as an adult).

What sucks about the world?
The various battles pushing us to the brink of destruction.

What would your TED talk be about?


Photography by Ben Miller

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