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Caroline Gaimari: On Fashion

Caroline Gaimari is the Director & Executive Editor of Purple Fashion Magazine. This month Leveled Magazine had the opportunity to ask Caroline a few questions regarding fashion, style and life.

Leveled: Where did you grow up?
Caroline Gaimari: Andover, Massachusetts, outside of Boston.

What was your first memory of being creative?
When I thought that moving to France at fifteen would be fabulous.

Are you doing you what you’ve always planned to do or has your path lead you here?
No. I never planned to work in magazines or in fashion. I’ve been working at Purple for six years, and I am still learning how to make a magazine, edit, write, choose clothing, appreciate fashion design, understand art and speak French.

What was your first experience with fashion?
Working as an intern for Fashion Week Daily, in New York when I was in college, I went to my first fashion show: Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons.

Define beauty.
Total relaxation with a suntan.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is an enormous creative machine that is intertwined as much with art as it is with business.

What inspires you?
Trying to understand technology and learning new words.

What traits do people with good fashion sense seem to have in common?
A lot of closet space, good organizational habits and restraint when it comes to purchasing.

How would you explain love to someone?
I would never try.

What are you currently working on?
Finishing the “20th Anniversary Issue” of Purple Fashion Magazine, which comes out in September.

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