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Dan Deacon's Free iPhone App

Dan Deacon consistently remains at the forefront of integrating his loyal fans into his performances. He has been known to orchestrate dance routines with viewers during his live shows and most of the time performs amongst the crowd, making them part of the show rather than conscientious observers. This is something that I, myself as a performer and attendee of performances, really appreciate. Deacon gives you something memorable and personalized, rather than a set list of crowd pleasers for onlookers to cheer and gawk at.

Continue on to the world–wide-web where live streams of concerts, chat-rooms and music videos have become common ground for listeners. The personal experience is becoming a thing of the past. Venture even further in the realm of the techno-age mutants that have become this generation and you will find human eyes glued to a smart phone biding time away from the world while playing “Angry Birds” or “Mafia Wars.” I would like to make note that I firmly believe smartphones and apps that accompany them have been at the root of this anti-social, social-media generation’s evil doings… until now, thanks to Mr. Dan Deacon.

Deacon has just released The Official Dan Deacon App by Keith Lea. The app is available for free in the iTunes App Store and for Android via Google Play. The idea is to bring people together by synchronizing all the phones in a given room, turning you and the rest of the audience into the light show and sound system for the concert! There is no-Wi-Fi required and this revolutionary effect creates a stunning and unique environment filled with illumination from cell-phones. On top of being part of a Dan Deacon show, (that is what the app is mainly used for of course) you also get the latest tour dates, music, news and a custom interactive musical instrument/sequencer with the app. Thanks Dan Deacon!

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