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David Lynch: "Crazy Clown Time" Video

In the spirit of all things David Lynch, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected. The multi-talented director/musician has helped shaped our perception of the world through his bizarre take on film and ultra “Lynch” style music. In his latest self-directed video, Lynch takes us into the disturbing world of a backyard BBQ crossed with absolute chaos and mayhem for the title track off his album, Crazy Clown Time.

The band bangs on objects while staring intently into the background with singers awkwardly positioned throughout the yard chanting the lyrics. A hedonistic light is shed, as a busty temptress dances among the trash-ridden lawn, while a dude spills beer all over a naked woman.  Reminiscent of adolescent debauchery, a clear depiction of the song is created through the maelstrom that Lynch produced on set. Once again proving that the only thing you shall expect from Mr. Lynch is…the unexpected.

The album Crazy Clown Time is available now on Sunday Best Recordings and is surely enough to tantalize your audible senses and send you on a journey through the eccentric mind of David Lynch.


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