LEGO: 1.8 Million Block Project "Build Up Japan"

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LEGO: 1.8 Million Block Project "Build Up Japan"

If you haven’t heard of LEGO you been living under a rock, a massive one.  It had an integral role in our toddler geometry and as adults, we continue to see their products surface into some of the world’s most interesting creations, far beyond the elementary shapes we once stood the LEGO Man on.

50 years ago, LEGO introduced their iconic building blocks to Japan, in celebration of the anniversary, LEGO sponsored a cross-country workshop entitled, “Build Up Japan.” This gigantic project included over 5,000 people from six different Japanese regions to create a map of Japan which consisted of over 1.8 million LEGO bricks!

There was a twist on the project as well. Especially considering the catastrophic events that Japan went through in the past year, participants were encouraged to create and ideal version of Japan from their imagination.  The end result is a phenomenal masterpiece and a look into how Japan may rebuild it’s destroyed cities. The project is currently on display in Tokyo through the end of the month.

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