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Matthew Dear: Beams

If you’re not familiar with New York based producer Matthew Dear by now, I’m not quite sure where you’ve been for the past four albums… but don’t fret, there’s still time to get hip. Dear has been gracing us with Electronic-Pop productions accompanied by his eerily charming voice for quite some time now. Each work of art drives us deeper into the psyche of a somewhat hedonistic artist unveiling a new layer of his persona with each trembling nuance that is uttered.

In past works,Dear bares striking similarities to the softer side of Trent Reznor. Meaning, standing in attention are minimalistic synth chord progressions that gently waltz through the dark imagery depicted through the lyrics. On Dear’s upcoming release Beams, we are exposed to a whole new side of the artist that feels more carefree and less drenched with emotion. It still keeps in tact, the hazy early Goth reference that captivated listeners in the first place, but this time it feels like the music from a late 80’s party fueled by synths and cocaine inside an industrial warehouse somewhere in Brooklyn. A different feel than what we’re used to, but a great record and surely one that will be acclaimed this year. Check out the album Beams out now on Ghostly International.

“It’s alright to be someone else sometimes.”

                                                 – Matthew Dear

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