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Michael Jackson and the Men Who Dressed Him

Where would we be without Michael Jackson? His music, his dance moves, his style. He took on the world and is quite possibly the biggest Pop-star that those living today will ever know. Michael was an independent man, writing the majority of his own songs and choreographing his own dance routines among many others. He was undeniably captivating and always dressed to kill. A man with a sense of style and charisma untouched by any other performer to follow. The question then, is who curated and designed those outfits? That brings us to a couple men with an interesting story behind just that. Their name’s, Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush.

Michael Bush is an author and costume designer and his partner, Dennis was Michael’s personal designer, stylist and friend for over 25 years. The classic garments that helped make “The King of Pop” best dressed year after year will now be celebrated in a photo-book titled, “The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.” The book is truly a walk down memory lane and full of insight into Jackson’s famous looks including conceptual sketches of outfits and several of his most famed jackets. Obviously you’ll see various takes on Jackson’s love for military silhouettes as well as the shine that we became accustomed to seeing him wear on the stage. The book is due out September 24th on Insight Editions and will be available through Amazon.

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