New Daft Punk Record On The Way (No, Really)

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New Daft Punk Record On The Way (No, Really)

If you have been religiously googling “New Daft Punk” every day for the past few years, only to be met with uncertainty and false hope…fear not. As many will recall, rumors surfaced about Nile Rodgers working with the human robot duo some time ago, and with a June release date tentatively thrown in the mix, the anticipation and excitement for new Daft Punk material was at an all time high. Well, that June release date came and went, but with a newly surfaced video of Nile Rodgers talking about Guy-Manuel and Thomas stopping by at his apartment in New York, the momentum is on again.

For those unfamiliar with Rodgers, he has been a key component in recording with the likes of Duran Duran, David Bowie, Madonna, Aretha Franklina, and Parliament Funkadelic, just to name a few. To think of this legend teaming up with one of electronic music’s biggest and most influential groups in the world is a godsend.

Rogers goes on to say:

It’s going to be so cutting edge that people aren’t going to expect what they’re doing.

This is not a maybe, if, or perhaps.  This record WILL be coming out.  Rodgers spoke very candidly about his spiritual and musical connection with the duo and was very clear about the intent of their collaboration.  With nearly seven years since the release of Human After All, the world is aching for a record to revolutionize the face of dance music today.  It is the belief of many, that this will be that record.

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