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Os Gemeos: Graffiti on The Greenway

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston presents the first-ever solo exhibit in the United States for the graffiti heavyweights, Os Gemeos.  The artistic duo, Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, a pair Brazilian-born identical twin brothers, have been covering their neighborhood streets of Sao Paulo and the entire globe with their work since the mid-1980’s.

Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo at work

Both the exterior of the Tate Modern in London and Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island have each served as previous canvases. Os Gemeos’ images weave their yellow-skinned characters, almost mythical in quality with both the vivid dreamscape of children and global HIP-HOP culture.  Whether happened upon unexpectedly in the street or viewed within the deliberate scoop of gallery walls, the brothers’ work taps into a harmony of the fantastical and the everyday.

As part of the ICA show, Os Gemeos (translates from Portuguese as “the twins”) have created , The Giant of Boston, a large scale, and site-specific mural.  The 70×70 foot temporary installation will be peering out from the Air Intake Structure in Dewey Square for the duration of the exhibit, now through November.

The Giant of Boston in progress
The Giant of Boston completed
Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka is a freelance writer born, bred and based in New York City. She has been contributing to Leveled since 2012.
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