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Supreme Cuts: Free Mixtape

Is it just us, or has this day and age been very good to us as far as Hip-Hop is concerned? Fresh off the release of their Whispers in the Dark album, the Chicago natives Supreme Cuts have just unveiled a free mixtape titled Chrome Lips on Mishka NYC with up and coming Barbadian rapper Haleek Maul.  Had it not been for this mixtape, we would have not been witness to this sharp-toothed fire spitter who is a native of Brooklyn.

If that wasn’t enough, Supreme Cuts managed to penciled in a quick remix of Physical Therapy‘s “Drone On”. Quick remix might be an understatement, as words really fail to describe what these guys did with this. The track was perfectly fine and lovely with the whispery and shimmering vocals of Jamie Krasner, but then this Chicago based duo had to throw the damn thing into 1000% overdrive. Clocking in at just under 7 minutes, this rework creates furious drum work that seamlessly blends into ambience, and never sounded so good.

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Stay tuned as we had the pleasure of putting together a photo shoot with these guys aimed for October…

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