The Berrics: "Footnotes" with Paul Rodriguez

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The Berrics: "Footnotes" with Paul Rodriguez

The Berrics have been coming at us with a great little video series entitled, “Footnotes,” this is the most recent and one of the more interesting to date.

This time around, The Berrics venture to the Southern California, home of pro-skater Paul Rodriguez. Paul takes us through the design process of his infamous Nike shoes, ranging from artist collaborations with Futura and Stash to the highly coveted, P-Rod X Jordan.

Rodriguez is one of the few pro-skaters who have managed to develop a signature brand beyond the world of skateboarding. When Paul transferred sponsorships from eS to Nike, he played an instrumental role in the innovation of Nike’s iconic SB shoe concept. It’s great to hear about it in his words and it’s exciting to see where he takes the company in the future. if you noticed that this is only Part 1, stay tuned in the coming weeks for the second half of this two-parter.

Here’s a few favorites from P-Rod X Nike over the years…

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