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The Silent History: A Project in Interactive Storytelling

“A comprehensive account of the condition and its consequences, encompassing the years 2011 through 2043”. If you’re slightly confused about what this means…don’t be.  The Silent History is a new project from Ying, Horowitz, and Quinn.  This new interactive e-book platform is set to completely revamp and set the bar for the way people read e-books.

The project has been made possible by the combined efforts of Eli Horowitz (former managing editor and publisher of McSweeney’s), Russell Quinn (co-founder of digital studio Spoiled Milk), Kevin Moffett (author of Further Interpretations of Real-Life Events and Permanent Visitors) and Matthew Derby (author of Super Flat Times and a game designer at Harmonix).

As Russell Quinn explains, “I wanted to do things that had more connectivity in the world.”  With a background in computer programming and publishing, this new adventure in storytelling will incorporate GPS and touchscreen that aims to create a connection between the story and the reader.  For example, upon arrival at a certain location, say, an open meadow outside city limits, readers will be able to access content specific to that location.  Pretty cool right?

The app will launch October 1, 2012, and the story (about the eerie children with strange “gifts”) will unfold over the subsequent twelve months.  The app itself is free, and the content can be purchased via a bimonthly subscription; new users can join at any time over the course of the year. Information and downloads will be available via The Silent History.

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