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Wendy Rowe: On Fashion

Wendy Rowe is an international makeup artist and Artistic Consultant for Burberry Beauty. This month Leveled Magazine had the opportunity to talk with Wendy about beauty, fashion and life.

Leveled: Where did you grow up? 
Wendy Rowe: London, England.

What was your first memory of being creative? 
When I was young, I used to make perfume out of rose petals in my back garden.

Are you doing what you’ve always planned to do or has your path lead you here? 
My path has led me here – I have always been interested in fashion, music and film and I always felt that I would do something that involved art and drawing. These interests combined with the people I surrounded myself with led me to makeup artistry.

What was your first experience with fashion? 
Dressing up and making clothes when I was fourteen. My mum used to sew a lot and made lots of clothes for me, so I thought I could make my own. I always saw clothes in fashion magazines that I loved and wanted, but couldn’t find them in the shops. So I started rehashing my old clothes into something different, customizing with putting in zips, cutting them up, shortening sleeves, and adding stuff to them. Basically trying to make them a bit punk. Looking back they were horrendous, but I thought they were super cool at the time!

Define beauty.
Although I love looking at aesthetically beautiful faces, beauty to me is more about someone’s personality—beyond the initial physical impression, personality can so easily make someone either more or less attractive. Learning to love yourself is important – people who are happy, funny and confident generally seem more attractive, as this quality radiates through. Which means people who are not generically beautiful can be super attractive to me if I love them as a person.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion allows you to dress according to your mood and be different characters depending on how you’re feeling – different looks for different days.

What inspires you?
Mostly my experiences, films and observing people on the street.

What traits do people with good fashion sense seem to have in common? 
Effortlessness, they never seem to try too hard.

How would you explain love to someone? 
Love to me is about being supportive, kind and always looking out for and protecting each other. It’s unconditional, being able to not judge them and allowing them to be themselves. I’m no expert though.

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