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100s: Ice Cold Perm

100s – Slow Drip[Official HD Music Video] from Chito Floriano on Vimeo.

Whatever you’re about to say about the album cover for 100s’ Ice Cold Perm, you better rethink. I don’t care if confusion is your first thought, but make sure to step the fuck back when 100s does his thing. Ice Cold Perm is the shit dreams are made of.  West coast, cadillac pimp rap at it’s finest. As smooth as a Caramello, and cooler than a back-hand across your girl’s left titty. This is elevated rap music reinvigorated with modern sensibilities.

For those who were fortunate enough to grow up on the west coast, you’ll understand why this sounds as dope as it does. This is overindulgence at its finest and an unadulterated celebration of straight gangster shit. This record drips of Too Short and Snoop Dogg’s game changing flows, and one can only speculate that 100s studied the legends’ music profusely.

This is nostalgic rap music that borrows on textures and sounds of modern synth music without compromising an ounce of street credibility. If you’re still reading instead of watching this dude get nasty in the video above, or wreck some shit below, I don’t know what the hell you’re waiting for.

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