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Adidas: The Return of Derick Rose "Hope"

Adidas has been on the cutting edge of sports for quite some time now, that doesn’t need to be explained. As of late, they have been creating video documentaries that delve inside some of the most recognizable athletes in the world. I know, it may sound drab, but this isn’t Basketball Wives or some reality bullshit, nor are these just entertainment for the avid sports spectator. They cross boundaries based on the subjects’ general relatability as a player and more importantly, a person.

In the most recent release titled, The Return of Derrick Rose: “Hope” Adidas documents the Chicago Bulls’ all-star point guard on his recovery from his season ending ACL tear. More so, you’re watching one of the world’s most established athletes and prominent public figures, fight through vulnerability and talk life and basketball. Rose is as charming off the court as he is on it. A sincere depiction of an interesting life, especially that of a world-class athlete, is always fun to watch.

Here is the first episode:

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