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Angel Olsen: "Acrobat" Video

Angel Olsen – Acrobat (Official Music Video) from Toshadeva Palani on Vimeo.

Even though Angel Olsen is approaching the release of her second LP, her songs feel like something from days long since passed. The voice and “feel” of her records seem to be something you may have dug out of your grandmother’s record collection. An era that is rarely captured without trying too hard has been seamlessly interpreted on this beautiful song entitled, “Acrobat”.

One of two singles that has been released off Olsen’s upcoming album, Halfway Home due out September 4th via Bathetic Records. To accompany is this melancholy video in which Angel is walking seemingly unmotivated through a meadow speckled with dramatic bursts of sunshine. A great song to start our week off and tomorrow, we suspect we’ll be provided with a great album that represents the changing weather that this month intends to bring forth.

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