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Balam Acab: Below The Tide

Floating around plain beneath the deep is a sound that’s slowly been taking shape very quietly and organically. Like a current that pulls and drags you into a dream, or the sound of bubbles drowning in static, Balam Acab is the epithet of Alex Koontz.

However, do not be fooled… the music will get unexpectedly heavy in the lower band frequency range. Lows that explode underneath textured layers of light and haunting vocal reverberations.

When Tri Angle records first introduced Balam Acab last year with the release “Wander/Wonder”, it was no surprise that heads began to turn. Touring with the likes of Mogwai at only nineteen speaks volumes for this kid’s unique perspective, and with much growth to come, Koontz can expect to show people how imaginative his music can continue to be.

If you would like to experience these audio water massages in person, check out Balam Acab at the The Social Aid and Pleasure Club in Santa Monica on September 29. Tickets here.

When you find a quiet part of your day, allow yourself to sink into this sound and you’ll begin to feel the gentleness of the ocean’s push as your thoughts drift onto more curious and dissonant spaces.

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