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Blackout Haunted House: NY | LA

Who doesn’t like to be scared just a little bit? It is quite terrible in theory, but the adrenaline that comes with a a good jolt of fear can be exciting and weirdly masochistic. That being said, the majority of thrill seekers and horror junkies see haunted houses as one of two things. Fun or lame. I don’t know about you guys, but neither of those two words should be associated with fear.

That is why we are thrilled to find out about the Blackout Haunted House happening this year in New York and Los Angeles. Anything that requires you to walk alone in pitch darkness, agree to rules and conditions for your safety, encounter sexual and violent situations (are you kidding me?), and do all of this…alone, sounds like a fucked up good time.

We can’t necessarily recommend this, as we do not want the families of those who died of fear to hold us responsible for exposing you to such a thing.  However, we will say that you’ll quickly learn which one of your friends is actually tougher than nails, and who’s full of shit.

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