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Bond, James Bond: 50 Years of the Black Tuxedo

You know who loves James Bond? Every male with a pulse. For the past fifty years, James Bond has been the epitome of what 18-65 year olds fantasize to be. You see the huge gap in demographic? That’s how many males around the world wish they could be Bond. Who wouldn’t want to be a suave, calculating playboy with an edge for danger and thirst for women that’s constantly replenished?

Taschen books has put together a fantastic commemorative applause to the man in the black tuxedo. Of course, Bond has already been immortalized for generations, but what makes this book special is the contribution of EON Productions. They have opened up their vaults and pulled out archives to share with millions of people including photos, designs, storyboards, and production materials with editor Paul Duncan.

Paul Duncan has spent roughly two years of research, browsing well over a million images and 100 filing cabinets of documentation. The results of his effort is the most accurate and complete database of the Bond legacy. This fifty-year anniversary salutes one the the longest running franchises in history and accounts everything from the first Bond film ever made (Dr. No, 1962) to the yet to be released Skyfall (2012).

If the lust of intoxicating and dangerous women doesn’t already spike your interest, then how about 600 pages of every memorable Bond scene spanning back fifty years? We thought that might get your blood going (but are worried that the aforementioned didn’t).

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