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Cheating & Open Relationships: Advice From an Escort

I have always wondered, why do men always use that ‘open relationship’ line when they get caught cheating. “Oh it’s not really cheating because my wife and I have an open relationship.” Cool story, bro, except not really. Anytime I hear that, I laugh and think to myself, “surrreeee it’s open so long as your wife never finds out.” You’d think men get a little savvier about this, but no, they never do. Notice that women who cheat never use this line. Women either straight up say “listen I’m married, if you say anything about me fucking you, I’ll deny it,” or they just lie and say they’re single and make every effort not to get caught. Women are the queens of denial, and they can deny cheating for long enough to make anyone believe them. Trust me, this girl knows from personal experience.

I was the mistress to a married man for multiple years and he would swear up and down to me that his wife both knew about me, and was completely ok with our relationship because their marriage “was open.” Now, at the time I could really care less about whatever was happening between the two of them because as long as he went home every night to her and she took care of him when he got super annoyingly drunk and/or high, I was always ok with him being with her. I love my personal space and am very much a loner, and like every other woman on this planet, cannot stand a man who needs to be babysat when he parties. So I figured that—like an aunt with a bratty kid—whenever this man got really annoying, I’d just send him packing back to his house.

But I digress. The point here, is that when I finally got around to really looking at their “open relationship,” I realized that it was all bullshit. He basically found me in a strip club, decided to “buy me out” and was fucking me way before he forced her into this “open relationship” scenario. On top of that, she wasn’t seeing anyone else, so really, how open was it? The whole thing was much more like a rich man’s harem than it was anything else. Which is fine, but I told him—don’t lie to her, yourself, or me. It isn’t an “open relationship” by any stretch of the imagination. It’s a sex triangle of a selfish man, a sex worker taking a break from the hustle and grind, and a confused wife who has weird sexual issues. You know, a typical Hollywood love story.

So I make my final statement—there is no such thing as an open relationship. That phrase is simply code for one person who doesn’t want to continue fucking the other person, but is too scared to leave the relationship for whatever reason, so they make up some convoluted rules about fucking that are so complicated, neither party knows what the fuck they are talking about. In reality, when you have an “open relationship,” you are really just saying that you don’t or can’t fuck your primary partner so you’re going to go fuck another partner, probably a sex worker and/or someone who has intimacy issues and likes to fuck people who they don’t have to be super intimate with.

Swingers, on the other hand, are entirely valid and are usually strong, stable couples, because both of them fuck other people and usually do it together. “Open relationships” are not the same as swinger couples, and are about one person fucking whoever they want and pseudo-lying about it and encouraging the other person to fuck someone else so they don’t feel bad for being the only one to fuck outside of the relationship. And in the end, when the other person does actually fuck someone else, the person encouraging them to do so loses interest further, and the whole thing disintegrates.

See for further proof of the failings of open relationships: ‘the state of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s marriage.’


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