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COLOR by Tom Sachs

In this epic 26 minute and 8 second video, artist and designer Tom Sachs takes us through a journey into the studio color code. Doesn’t sound too interesting does it? Just trust us when we tell you this is not some boring art-school video exemplifying color codes.

Sachs takes us to a level of personal interest that would make any avid video watcher intrigued. Tom refers to the color code as being “mystic” and begins with the introduction to white, which he stresses, plays a different role in Eastern and Western civilization. In the east, white is used in the representation of death. As white in the east, is used to represent purity. Narrated by a young articulate boy, you can’t help but immerse yourself in Color by Tom Sachs. He continuously seems to bring meaning to the meaningless through art, and for that I thank you Tom.

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