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Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book

Raise your hand if you have ever cajoled your own child, a much younger sibling/niece/nephew/ward of the state to bust out coloring books just so you could properly shade Rainbow Brite’s golden tresses?*

*Not in a creepy-sit-in-my-lap way. But, in that I-find-my-zen-shit-alignment-of-body-mind-and-spirit-calmness-with-the-exacting-of-just-the-right-color-cobalt-blue-for-her-dress way.

For far too long, the unrelenting hands of time and dare I say, Aging herself, have cock-blocked us from the joys of coloring – from the unabashed spilling out of crayons onto a tabletop and getting down to it. “You’re too old,” they say.” This is uncomfortable,” they say. “Please move out today.”

But no longer, my friends! Mark! Behold! And Rejoice! There finally exists a coloring book for the rest of us. And with wholly inappropriate age-appropriate themes and messages.

From the minds of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen comes Coloring for Grown-ups: The Adult Activity Book. Although still a month and a half away from the October 30th release date, you can whet your whistle with their website’s offerings for hints of what might be in store. Previous online stalwarts include: “Color a Gentleman’s Club”, “Know Your Ages of Consent” (a handy, hangable chart), “Meth Me Up”, and the absolute gem, “Hipster or Homeless”. Let’s not forget their activity sheet newcomer, “Do Something Terrible to Chris Brown” as well. Whilst we wait to hold the precious book in our paws, we can still sufficiently idle away time and continue to avoid our futures by printing out, coloring and submitting the online sheets back to Ryan and Taige! And maybe, just maybe your rendering could be proudly hung on the walls of the Internet. Success indeed.

Here are a few picks from Coloring For Grown Ups


Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka is a freelance writer born, bred and based in New York City. She has been contributing to Leveled since 2012.
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