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Com Truise and In Decay

Sweet Bliss.  That’s all there is to it.  What sounds like the mix of a nostalgic analog dream world is actually the delicate and romanticized tunes of Seth Hayley, aka Com Truise.  Interesting name and still so cool sounding at the same time.

It’s sort of like what you imagine a polaroid picture to sound, or that high pitch gleam of a television while it sits in a dark room, and swirling insects surround the air.  Oh man, one could go on.  This music takes 80’s synth music to a whole new level.  While staying true to a certain programming way of thought it still manages to create impressively razor sharp tempo swings.

Then all of a sudden you get a track like the one you’re about to listen to below. It completely transfixes you with the most lush and pounding dance rhythms that are simple and then manages to go boogie as fuck.

Stream “Klymaxx” off his recent In Decay below.

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