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Dirty Projectors: Hi Custodian

The wait is over! It’s here… I know that we’ve all been talking about the Dirty Projectors film, Hi Custodian spitting our opinions and anticipation in child like whimsy. Well, we have good news. The film is everything it has been cracked up to be.

The film was written, directed and stars David Longstreth along side band members Amber Coffman, Haley Dekle, Nat Baldwin and Mike Johnson. Longstreth has described the film as being “made out of a dream” and that’s exactly how it feels.

Produced by Pitchfork.tv on YouTube, the film feels larger than it’s outlets giving us the vibe of Prince’s Purple Rain. An odd feeling is captured as you watch these young humans adventure through surrealistic worlds of spiritual death and rebirth. The soundtrack is of course various recordings from the Dirty Projectors, Swing Low Magellan album sessions.

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