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Eulogy of Mr. Scott

A Ceased and Deceased – Lettered

The “early check-out”, opted for so frequently by the vampires of the Vegas party set, seems a semantic blight given how much they covet a dead line pushed late – still the former remains a perennial ‘must ‘ when last looks are set so high above it all in overpriced pent-houses with pool views.
And nonetheless, they are all the rage.

The “late check-out”, prayed for so feverishly by the un dead of the Disney dad set, seems a gigantic slight given how little they acknowledge a life cycle pulled early – still the former remains a perennial “lust” when first hooks were sunk so low beneath it all in discounted junior-suites with desert views.
Rage, they all are, the none and the less.

Tony Scott climbing up the bridge and jackknifing into the great pseudo silence of an eternal echo chamber.

Charged with a flock and its gathering yet in so doing denied the same extra hour the wayward are gifted in so diverting, the shock of a scorned Shepard’s unturned cheek demands not the equal pinch of his substitute salt from us thus surveying as it remains a seasoning savored only by the smelling sort.

Lets take a look at some facts


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