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Flying Lotus' Until The Quiet Comes: Album Stream on NPR

I cannot put into words how brilliantly woven and wonderfully textured Flying LotusUntil The Quiet Comes is.  This is a piece of pure and honest, organic beauty. Within all of it’s coherently flowing moods and personalities are glimpses and flashes of genius.

Steven Ellison, grandnephew of the great Alice Coltrane was truly blessed, being in the presence of such an influential Jazz pioneer. Those who have followed the blossoming of Ellison understand why his contributions to music are so important.

With his newest offering, Ellison has set unbelievably high standards for contemporary music with Jazz at the crux of his carefully crafted fits of movement.  The ideas found on Until the Quiet Comes are not only provocative and completely remarkable, but unconventional.

With the current electronic music trends, your busy life, or working on your own creative project, it may be challenging to get into something like this; but as with all great things in life, sometimes it takes time.  Fortunately, NPR has the album in full for you to stream.  Of course, take some time to ensure a fully invested listen.  It will make a world of difference.

For the new listeners unfamiliar with Flying Lotus, prepare for near spiritual and electronic mantras for the soul and mind. Additionally, with guest vocals from Thom Yorke and Erykah Badu, the forces behind the album become clearer.

As you listen to the swirling rhythm that dances in perfect harmony, take notice of the subtle changes of timing and stunning pitch control.  This is where Mr. Ellison derives some of his inner musings. With a touch of his own musical creations and sophisticated vocal work, Flying Lotus creates environments that seep with soul, and at times, rumbles with touches of deafening bass.

This is a rare gem in the oftentimes predictability of today’s electronic music and one which I hope can inspire different and unique schools of thought. If you missed the spellbinding short film in support of the album, check it out.

No word on how long the album stream will be available, but thankfully you can still listen here.

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