James Franco & 7 For All Mankind "Flowers for the Risen"

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James Franco & 7 For All Mankind "Flowers for the Risen"

It’s become commonplace in the fashion world for designers to prepare video look books for their upcoming collections. With that being said, there are few that genuinely pull off the feat in a way that doesn’t make me want to choke on my breakfast. That is opinion, but my friends, I can guarantee that no designer has yet to approach the video look-book quite like this.

7 For All Mankind has conjured up this brilliant video in representation of Autumn 2012, titled Flowers for the Risen. The short film emotes the brands simple, “rock-n-roll” aesthetic through the use of surrealist tones and imagery. This is of course, partially due to their on going creative partnership with James Franco, who directed and edited some shorts and campaigns together earlier this year. This one’s fairly easier to fall in love with as a Gothic Lily Donaldson, stars alongside Cody Horn and Lou Doillen with the Chromatics record, “Lady” blasting in the background, making it that much better. The first in a series? That’s what they said earlier and the collection was never titled. Whatever it or they may be, it builds major anticipation for the next one. I am literally not leaving my computer screen until the next one is released. I am a fan-boy, call me what you will.

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