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King Of Jewish Baseball: Watch The Film

And now, ladies and geetles, I– nay, we, present to you, the single greatest accomplishment in recorded human history, a cinematic masterpiece, our generations Citizen Kane, except more important, more revolutionary, more daring, more impactful, and much, much better, an entire new genre if you will that we will likely not fully understand for many thousands of years, “Fake Superhero Sports Fantasy Tragi-Comedy Action Romantic Documentary” we will call it. Using only the power of magic and cameras and several geniuses including the one-and-only Shlomo Lipetz starring as himself, a sick and criminal-minded warlord, Danny Dwyer aka The King of All Slovenian/Irish Filmmaking has accomplished what no other director in the hundred year history of moving pictures has been able to do, that is, capturing the King of All Jewish Baseball on film. Until now, he was believed to be a myth, a fable, like Sasquatch, or maybe a hologram projected from room 403 of the Pentagon. But I digress, for it is now clear that he exists, and is more powerful than any of us could have imagined. Without further ado, The King Of Jewish Baseball, the film…

The King Of Jewish Baseball from Danny Dwyer on Vimeo.

Nate Fish as the King of Jewish Baseball..
Callie Peck
Shlomo Lipitz
Shot, Cut, and Steamed By Danny Dwyer
Music By:
Steve Jablonsky
“The Arrival to Earth”

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