Man Builds a Cathedral of Junk

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Man Builds a Cathedral of Junk

One man’s trash is another man’s cathedral.  Not quite the saying, but certainly the spectacle that is Vince Hannemann‘s cathedral built entirely out of junkyard parts.  As the self proclaimed “Junk King” shows us in the above video, inspiration comes from everywhere, including broke and forgotten electronics, housewares, furniture, slighted metal objects and anything you can ever hope to find in a junkyard.

Austin, Texas is where Vince calls home and with as well as sanctuary for his imagination.  This is a fascinating display of dedication and his continued effort to create a magical world in his backyard started way back in 1989.

However, In 2010 the city closed the structure claiming it was unsafe and demanded Hannemann obtain proper building permits for his “auxiliary structure”. He was then forced to remove nearly 60 tons of materials before finally obtaining the approval from an engineer. With the support of hundreds of volunteers spanning the  course of over seven months, the cathedral has begun expanding once again.

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