Aesop and Lucy McRae: "Morphe"

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Aesop and Lucy McRae: "Morphe"

Beauty as a whole is an abstract and oftentimes subjective view that is derivative of nature and our experience within it. The association of beauty with harmful chemicals and soulless laboratories using unknown compounds to create beauty products is at the cornerstone of health and consumer consciousness.  However, in the video above Lucy McRae and Aesop join artistic forces to bring the ideas of the two together.  A stunning display of science becoming the “net” in which beauty is captured.  This is not only poignant, but also a deliberate call to attention on the synchronicity of making such beauty products in the natural world as well as the superficial.

Aesop beauty is a Melbourne based company that seeks to combine both the plant-based with the laboratory-made. Ingredients that hold true to the superlative nature of what defines beauty. Aesop’s ideology of holding true to form and function within nature while preserving it, is why their products are so unique and wonderful.  The video is amazing,and sort of nod’s to Bjork’s take of beauty and technology below.

Bjork – All is full of love from john lynch on Vimeo.

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