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Real Actors Read Yelp

Yelp. Love it or hate it, it’s become the commonplace for reviewing everything from restaurants to massage parlors to bathrooms. The amusement is found in reviews from users who’ve passionately punched out a 150 word rant about the restaurant’s incompetent waiter, half-cooked food, and absence of chocolate mints at the hostess desk.

Although some reviews are actually insightful, approximately 77.2% are severely fueled by a burst of estrogen and/or testosterone. However, while subtle emotions and nuances can be looked over with written-words, a new YouTube channel, Gotta Kid To Feed, has reworked some of Yelp’s most interesting reviews into video performances from professional actors.  They’re on their way to creating a captivating collection that can only be enhanced with more videos. We need more!

With 9 released to this date, below are some of our favorites:

1 star review of Stratford Diner.
Performed by Chris Kipiniak (Law and Order, The Good Wife)

1 star review of Yost Theater.
Performed by Brian O’Neill (Damages, The Sopranos)

 2 star review of Crazy Horse Gentlemen’s Club.
Performed by Brian Hutchinson (Broadway)

2 star review of Abuelita’s Mexican Restaurant.
Performed by Amanda Leigh Cobb (The Importance of Being Earnest, Coast of Utopia)

As a bonus, here’s one by our very own Bruce Pinsler.

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