Solar Power in the Form of a Water Filled Orb

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Solar Power in the Form of a Water Filled Orb

We can all agree that solar energy is powerful, clean, and effective.  Taking a cue from nature has always been the best way to pursue our future and technology, as the recent boom of innovative green thinkers have shown us. That is why the development of Raw Lemon‘s orb may be one of the most exciting in the area of concentrated photovoltaics.

German born architect Andre Broessel who currently resides in Barcelona has constructed a gigantic glass ball that is filled with water.  Through his work and research at Raw Lemon Broessel has constructed the orb with the hopes that self sustaining energy would be incorporated into buildings, and through it’s concentrated photovoltaic technology, could harness power from the moon as well.

Although the project is still in the prototype process, the idea is a tremendous one.  The possibility of buildings becoming a self-sustaining “life form” if you will, could drastically change the landscape of how urban city planning is approached.  To think that a building could very well save millions of dollars on energy, rather than spending that amount of money could really have a significant impact on the environment and its inhabitants.

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