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SpiritHoods: Behind the Brand Video

This month, Leveled Magazine took the time to sit down with various clothing brands to discuss their companies beginings and mission through design for an interview series titled, “Behind the Brand.” In this episode, we speak with SpiritHoods, a staple in faux fur accessories.

SpiritHoods from Leveled Magazine on Vimeo.

Take a human’s primal urge to feel connected to nature, and then take individuals animalistic characteristics and translate that into a wearable, fashionable accessory and you’d get a SpiritHood. Venture to any music festival around the globe and you’ll surely feel their presence. A company dedicated to saving the endangered wild life that they are influenced by, SpiritHoods donates a portion of their proceeds to pro Blue, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of animals.

Photo by Anjelica Jardiel
Model Alexandra Rabe

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