The Book of Mormon Comes to Los Angeles

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The Book of Mormon Comes to Los Angeles

Who would have thought that the creators of Comedy Central’s longest running animated series about four foul-mouthed third graders living in the equally questionable community of South Park would produce a Broadway musical hit? Certainly not anyone, but it’s true.

The Book of Mormon is one of the biggest smash musicals in history, and for those Angelenos who are still as confused about what all the hype is, now is your chance to find out.  The Book of Mormon has hit Los Angeles and the fever is overwhelming.

For those who don’t know The Book of Mormon is the story of two young, naively optimistic Mormon missionaries who travel to a remote village in Uganda ravaged by a ruthless warlord who threatens the very existence of the locals. With only their scriptures at hand, they try to “save” this village with promises of a glorious and wonderful life with God. Except, the locals are more concerned with real life dangers such as war, famine, and of course AIDS.

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