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The Corin Tucker Band: Kill My Blues

To say that I am a fan of Corin Tucker’s work is an understatement. To say that if I were to be examined on the cellular level and heard emanating from my mitochondria where her songs would be closer to the truth. Yep. That kind of serious. Needless to say, I am overjoyed for the impending release of The Corin Tucker Band’s sophomore effort, Kill My Blues. It’s been two years since we’ve heard from the former Sleater Kinney front-woman and guitarist and the time away has brought her to a musical terrain that harkens back to her beginnings –a blitzkrieg of driving, danceable songs.

The band, which includes Sara Lund, Mike Clark and Seth Lorinczi, will be touring nationwide throughout September and October in support of the new release. But don’t take my word for it – head over to Pitchfork now to stream the new record in its entirety.

Kill My Blues is out officially Tuesday, September 18th via Kill Rock Stars and it can still be pre-ordered here.

Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka
Jamie Maleszka is a freelance writer born, bred and based in New York City. She has been contributing to Leveled since 2012.
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