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The Impossible Project Presents Insta Lab

As a child, I remember the brilliance and memorable experience created instantly through the lens of a Polaroid camera. I can trace back my memories to kindergarten in 89’ at my mother’s house and find numerous impressions of my youth captured instantly, in the moment, on Polaroid film.

As time progressed, the film became obsolete and was replaced by the poor mega-pixel count of the digital camera. I dread this evil little machine. It is the one who stole the soul from photography and took the character away from the instant-photo. Even further down the line, the camera-phone and its cocky predecessor the Apple iPhone took control of instant photography. Even with the filters through Hipstamatic, Instagram and countless photo-filter apps, I still felt a hole in my soul where the Polaroid used to be. There’s just something about the chemical development process that makes a person feel good inside, holding something tangible and volatile will never be replicated by a screenshot or digital reproduction.

The Impossible Project has been the saving grace in the struggle to redirect our creative conscious back to that analog state of mind. Even so, the “now” generation doesn’t understand the value in physical prints and we’ve lost them to the iPhone camera platform.

With that being said, “if you can’t beat em’, join em’,” and that’s exactly what Impossible Project has done.

The Impossible Instant Lab has been designed to transform any digital image via your iPhone into an instant photo that is exposed using only the light from the display, then processed and developed by chemicals.

Just select an image from the Instant Lab app, place your iPhone in the cradle, slide open the shutter on the base and wait for the signal to tell you when the exposure is finished, then rejoice as a physical photo is developed right before your eyes. Thank you Impossible Project for understanding the magic that we’ve all been longing for.

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