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The Silent History Launch Party in San Francisco

For those who recall, we posted about The Silent History about a month ago, and have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of their soon to be launched interactive storytelling project. A project that is part book, park geo tracking, part multiplayer, and completely revolutionary in the way stories are told and read.

By creating a platform that allows readers to become engaged in the stories they read, The Silent History has revolutionized the way in which we read and take in information. The story is told through the eyes of a group of children blessed with heightened sensory capabilities, and pull the reader into a location specific stories that fuels interest and significance of these stories.

October 1 will mark the introduction of The Silent History’s project on the iPad and iPhone. The guys have teamed up with Viracocha antiques in San Francisco to celebrate the launch of their amazing idea. For those interested, the event will take place on October 2 at 2p at 998 Valencia St.

Check out the flyer and details here.

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