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Time & Space on the Lower East Side

In 1980 Brian Rose photographed the Lower East Side in collaboration with fellow Cooper Union graduate Ed Fausty. We combed the neighborhood for a year working in color with a 4×5 view camera. In recent years Brian has been re-photographing the Lower East Side, working alone this time, taking a long view of history and change.

East 4th Street 1980

Time and Space on the Lower East Side is a book that connects these two bodies of work that look backward and forward, and posits the idea that places are not simply “then and now,” but exist in a continuum of decay and rebirth.

East 5th 1980

East 5th Street 2010

Henry Street 1980

Houston Street 1980

Delancy Street 2010

Orchard Street 1980

Orchard Street 2010

Bowery and Houston Street 2010

Cooper Square 2010

Stanton Street 1980

Ludlow Street 2010

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