Woods: "Cali in a Cup" Video by Adarsha Benjamin

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Woods: "Cali in a Cup" Video by Adarsha Benjamin

Brooklyn Folk-Rockers Woods, offer up this video for their single, “Cali in a Cup.” Directed by Adarsha Benjamin, the video feels like SoCal in the 1960’s.

Part of me is waiting for Brian Wilson to walk past the camera’s lens and another part wants to eat LSD and pretend that Brian Wilson is “the camera’s lens.” Trippy, right? Either way, the video is the perfect reminder that summer is coming to an end. The record is the lead single from their upcoming album Bend Beyond, which is scheduled to drop September 18th via Woodsist Records. The band hits the road for a national tour on September 26th, teaming up with The Walkmen to venture towards a city near you.

If you’ve yet to catch Woods live yet, be sure to add that to someone’s to do list. Although their sound feels very dreamlike and beautiful, lyrically they’re talking about some pretty dark stuff, which comes across in their dramatic and emotion filled performance.

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