70 Miles Of Art In Stockholm, Sweden

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70 Miles Of Art In Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is a country known for its tranquility, its progressive stance on world politics and of course, the premier metro station art gallery. With a combined length of 68.3 miles (110 kilometers) the Stockholm Subway System is the worlds longest art exhibit.

Passengers and travelers are always excited to arrive to their destination, because each metro station is a period in time that depicts art and culture spanning from the ’50s to the more experimental art styles of modern society. With over 90 subway stations turned into beautiful works of art, there is an increasing number of people who opt for the subway opposed to their bicycles or vehicles.

With a few choice selections by Twisted Sifter, many of these “exhibits” are grandiose and marvelous to say the least. Check out the gallery below to see how the imagination can turn ordinary transportation mechanisms into beautiful works of art.

Photos via jesper.nu

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